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Frequently Asked Questions – Things you would want to know !!

1. Why choose Us ?

We have a decade of experience in the industry and we provide a stress free, totally tailor made weddings at best prices. We are well versed with the country and have very strong local contacts to arrange everything to the best of your expectations. Our experienced and professional team of wedding planners help you from planning the entire wedding from the very basic phase to the well planned execution of the wedding arrangements.

2. Why choose Thailand ?

Thailand has plenty to offer to each one visiting there. Picturesque wedding locales, gourmet cuisines, exotic markets, variety of temples, palaces, amazing night-life makes it a enjoyable place for one and all. The country ensures no matter which of its corner you choose for your celebration, you can expect and shall get the best. Thailand is the quintessential dream destination for a wedding, a honeymoon, a holiday or an adventure.

3. How would you justify Wedding in Goa v/s Weddings in Thailand, Goa being the most preferred beach destination among Indians ?

No doubt, Goa is the best beach destination in India and the most popular location for beach weddings among the Indians, but Thailand has now taken a major share of the business as the cost of organizing a wedding is almost the same. If planned well in time, a wedding in Thailand can be as expensive as a wedding in Goa or a palace wedding in Rajasthan. You may take a small group of close friends and relatives to Thailand for your wedding and be assured of an amazing wedding experience to make it memorable for many-many years to come.

4. Is obtaining Thai visa easy ?

Yes, obtaining a Thai visa is easy. All you need is a passport with a minimum six months' validity. It is recommended to apply for a Thai visa in India. The Royal Thai Embassy is in New Delhi and there are consulates in Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai. Visa applications can also be submitted at any of the five VFS Global application centers across India: New Delhi, Chandigarh, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Or, the Thai visa can also be easily obtained on-arrival at the Bangkok airport.

5. What are other services provided by you at the airport ?

We provide Fast Track Service, that will be arranged for you and your guests to breeze through the entire immigration routine in less than 20 minutes. With the Fast Track Service at Suvarnabhumi Airport, a designated agent will escort you and your bags from the arrival gate, through the Fast Track immigration - no need to stand in line - and your luggage will be waiting for you at the other end.

The chauffeur service will be outside the airport, ready to whisk you to the hotel in no time.

6. When is the best time in the year to visit Thailand ?

Thailand can best be described as tropical and humid for the majority of the country during most of the year. So, weather is never too extreme allowing tourists to enjoy the place all year round. However, there are three seasons in Thailand. The summer season runs essentially from March through to June while the monsoon season runs from July through to November . During December to February, it remains cool all through. The cooler months are the peak season time making the place expensive whereas the summer & monsoon season are termed as off season that gives huge bargains abound everywhere from hotels offering special deals to rock bottom prices in the shopping markets and malls.

7. How do we start with you about our wedding query ?

To begin with, we request you to detail your requirements. After having an understanding of the same, we shall give you the best advice based on your desires and your budget. We do everything it takes to make sure your occasion turns out to be the best and most unique, keeping in mind your demands. Importantly, the weddings created by us are always put together using only the best suppliers available.

8. Do you have examples of weddings done by you in the past ?

Proudly, Yes !! Firstly, look at our Testimonials page to see what our past clients, be them the brides, their families, their friends, had said about their weddings & services provided to them by us. Then, for lots more works, our team can always meet in person to share more work about us and the kind of work we have done in recent past.

9. What other activities can be organized in Thailand?

A lot can be done in Thailand. Since Thailand has some of the amazing beaches, water sports such as snorkeling, boating and fishing are popular activities for tourists. In other activities, one can explore the natural beauty by tracking and visiting National Parks. In fact, Thailand has a wide range of activities that can be designed as per different age groups. Kids can engage in Theme parks to wild life encounters, ladies can get themselves busy in shopping and trying out new locale while youngsters can get involved in adrenalin sports like bungee jumping and many more. Also, Thailand is famous for its relaxing body treatments and its nightlife.

10. Do we need to get our marriage registered in Thailand?

No. It is not a requirement to have your wedding ceremony legally recognized in Thailand. Many couples choose to have a symbolic ceremony or register their marriage legally at home either before or after the wedding itself. Though you may choose to get it registered there. For the procedure, you may view our Legal Registration page.

11. How much shall be the overall cost ?

The cost shall depend on a number of things- location, hotel/ resort chosen, number of guests, length of travel, set-up chosen, extra requirements, etc. Some couples want to enjoy a little bit of luxury at a five star spa resort, others want to experience the unique culture of Thailand staying in a rainforest hut! All depends on the choices you make

12. What all is included in your co-ordination charges?

Our agency fees include assistance from boarding point in India until you arrive back happily after the entertaining & successful accomplishment of your special occasion. We ensure to help you and each guest every step of the way during the entire itinerary. Our team will ensure that you get a smooth experience and you have all the time to enjoy the wedding and take care for your guests, rather than worrying about the arrangements. We even go way ahead to take care of small requirements of your guest so that they feel special and well treated.

13. When & How do we pay WIT?

All payments to be settled before we fly out for Thailand. The payment can, though, be made in parts which be discussed & worked upon on case-to-case basis. You may pay by way of Cheque, Bank Transfers or Cash.

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