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Legal Formalities


One can also get the marriage registered in Thailand. It's legal only when registered officially. For this, the visiting couple has to give a declaration that they are free to get married. If you do not properly register a marriage performed in Thailand with Thai authorities, you are not legally married in Thailand.

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Marriage in Thailand by non-Thai couples or Thai National and foreigner couples is easy to arrange and can be quickly accomplished. To officially register a marriage in Thailand, a certain amount of paperwork must be completed in Bangkok.

Below is the list of basic documentation, which shall be required for the successful registration:

Passport and copies of the front page.
A 30-day tourist visa.
A valid 10-year passport.
An original full birth certificate.
Decree Absolute (the final divorce paper, if applicable).
Death Certificate (if you are a widow or widower).
Change of Name Deed (required if you have changed your name).
Adoption certificate (if applicable).

It might be advisable to hire the service of an agent to assist you with the running of the documents. Our partners in Bangkok can oversee this process by arranging all necessary appointments and documentation required, as well as providing you with an English speaking guide and transport to and from Government offices. In most instances, a legal marriage in Thailand is also recognized by authorities in your home country. Utilizing the services of our partners in Bangkok for the Legal Marriage Registration is designed to be completely 'stress free' and allows you to leave Bangkok just 2 or 3 days after arriving depending on your nationality.

The package includes the following services:

English speaking guide to accompany you to all appointments with embassies and government bodies.
Transfer by taxi between your Bangkok hotel and embassy.
Transfer by taxi between your Bangkok hotel and relevant Thai government office for registering your marriage.
Express processing of all paperwork required for your legal marriage registration, including translation and authorization of documents.
All fees for translation, authorization and processing of all documents-Express Service (Not including embassy fees which will vary depending on your nationality).
Translation and authorization of your Legal Marriage certificate and accompanying documents into English for your future use.
Forwarding of your translated legal marriage certificate to your Bangkok or hotel you stay in or Home addres.

The marriage registration process is as follows :

A visit to the appropriate Embassy(s) in Bangkok to complete an 'affidavit to marry'. (You will be advised as to what documentation you need to bring with you to the embassy as it differs for each nationality).
Both parties will need to complete individual affidavits.
If you have previously been married, you may also need to complete an additional form verifying your freedom to marry (Additional costs will also be involved)
The completed affidavits will then be translated into Thai.
The forms will then need to be authorized by the Thai Foreign Ministry in Bangkok.
Once all documents are authorized, you will visit the local government office (Amphur) to complete the legal marriage certificate. You are now legally married!
Your legal marriage certificate and accompanying documentation is then translated into English.
The translated legal marriage certificate and accompanying documentation is then authorized by the Thai Foreign Ministry in Bangkok.
Completed and translated legal marriage documents will be forwarded to you at your Thailand Hotel.
Please also note: For some nationalities, there may be additional paperwork and embassy requirements to fulfill. We will advise you if this is the case.

This registration process is separate from any religious or spiritual ceremony; therefore, the paperwork must usually be done either before or after the ceremony. Don't forget that the date you register with the Amphur Office will be the date entered onto your marriage certificate, not necessarily the date of your wedding ceremony.

Please note that all Embassies and Thai Government offices are closed on week-ends and Thai public holidays. Your Embassy will also be closed on their National holidays.