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WIT offers great business oppurtunities to individuals / companies to partner with us and be a part of the ever growing wedding management industry. We offer a lot of ways of how one can be a partner with us for a mutually beneficial association.

Earn Handsome Commission -
Weddings is primarily a referral business and hence, we offer socially active and influential individuals to refer us queries in their circle that may bring us business. Just let us know of anyone in your circle who plans to organize a wedding abroad, and we will take the query further on our ability, expertise and experience. And obviously we share profits with you with all our thanks and regards.

Sublet Your Work -
Business can come from all sources, so why not expand your horizons and capture more business in the International sector? If you are a professional from events / wedding management industry, we are more than interested to associate with you. Thailand is one of the most welcoming country for tourist and hence more and more events/ weddings are being planned in various parts of the country every year.

We invite Events / Wedding Planning Companies / Travel Agencies all over India to sublet work to us and we organize the entire wedding on your behalf. We can be your local support partners who would handle the entire deal with much competency and professionalism. This comes when the query is too big to be handled or maybe you do not have the experience of handling International events. From a wedding to a corporate event, we can organize all for you. Also, the clients remain yours and you deal with him for the financials. We are very transparent and honest in our approach and believe in a long-lasting association with the industry professional to expect huge volumes from you.

Once you have a query in hand, just share the same with us. We assure you the best deals from hotels all across Thailand. Also, get reasonable rates for stage, sound light, LED walls, floral decoration, entertainment, transportation, photography etc.

Professionals in Thailand -
We also invite Wedding Professionals in Thailand to associate with us for giving local support. Florists, Photographers, Sound Light Setup and Artists may contact us on our email id, giving all details about themselves.

Franchisee Options -
We also offer franchisee for WIT in various states in India, but on some very strict terms and conditions. Our priority will be an honest approach towards all client requirements and try to give the best in the budget spent by him/her. We strictly believe in making a 'brand' first by budiling up as much satisfied customer base as possible. Strong network individuals / established event or wedding companies or even travel agents may apply from any part of India to partner with us. We assure a very strong support from our side to ensure all queries from you side are taken seriosuly and in the best possible manner. Send in your full details to us and we would like to discuss the possibilities of an association in person.