Planning a Wedding in Thailand !!

Thailand has risen as the most favourite location to host an Indian wedding because of many factors, the foremost being the proximity, the economical stay options available, the easy logistics and the weather. When you wish to plan a destination wedding and have an average budget for the same, Thailand comes out to be the best option for having your dream wedding. From beaches to hills, from Indian food to continental cuisines, from beach resorts to 5 star hotels, all are available easily to suit your requirements and budget.

Thailand, also called as the ‘Land of Smiles’ is truly one of the most visited countries by Indians and always been the favourite of many. If you are planning a destination wedding, why can you opt for Thailand and be assured that the country would not let you down at any aspect ?

Location : : If you want an ideal beach wedding for yourself, the country has many locations where you can easily get a resort/ hotel that has a private beach and can host the ceremony exactly on the beach. A few beach location you can consider are : Hua Hin / Pattaya / Rayong / Phuket / Krabi / etc.

Weather : : Thailand experiences tropical weather and enjoys a pleasant weather almost all through the year except the months of May – July when it becomes a bit hotter. But the mornings and evenings are still better and never extreme. July – August are rainy season but you can always organise indoor events at a nice location.

Travel : : Many flights from almost all major cities fly to Thailand everyday. The ease of travel from India makes it more approachable and cheaper to travel. Many direct flights to Bangkok and Phuket, are available at all varied times. Also, the VISA on Arrival is a big reason why people travel mostly to Thailand as its easy and economical.

Stay : : Each city in Thailand has plenty of options of hotels and resorts catering to all tastes and budgets. From many 5 star resorts to budget hotels, you get everything easily available at pretty decent prices. Also, when you book rooms in bulk for your wedding, you obviously can expect a great bargain.

Food : : If you a pure vegetarian, you can get food as per your liking and taste. Many hotels in Thailand do not have Indian chefs and hence it is tough to get Indian food at all times, but these days many hotels / resorts have hired qualified and experienced Indian chefs to cater to Indian groups and hence you can be assured that your guests will enjoy all kind of cuisines with great taste and presentation. From samosa to dosa, from chole bhature to dhokla, from gol gappe to dal makhni,.. you get all arranged for your wedding. You just have to find the right chef team to ensure good quality food. Ask your wedding planner to do that for you. If he/ she is experienced he would be able to arrange a good team to suit your taste and budget.

Logistics : : All other arrangements for the wedding like mehndi wali, make up artists , hair stylist team, pandit ji, photographers , dhol wala’s etc all can be arranged locally and hence saving a huge amount which otherwise would have been spent on travel from India.

Cost : : Each wedding is customized and hence the cost package can be derived only after understanding the number of days / number of functions / number of people / wedding date / category of hotel / food to be served / décor requirements / etc… A lot is discussed before coming to an estimation figure for the entire wedding. With a strong experience for wedding planners like www.weddingsinthailand.in it would be rather easy to give you a figure with just some details. They have done many big weddings in Thailand and are well versed with the entire country. Major cost of the wedding goes into the stay and food arrangement which basically will depend on the season or off-season time in Thailand. Do remember that there are many festivals / Chinese new year / etc that are celebrated in Thailand and hence the hotels are expensive during those days. Other than that, the beach locations enjoy a peak season from Nov to Jan end each year.

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Tips for planning a wedding in Thailand !!

In a destination wedding, you are not only planning the wedding, but also a vacation for you and your guests, as well as your honeymoon. Which involves a whole lot planning to make sure everything goes right, that's why a wedding checklist is necessary to make your big day stress free. Below are some tips for your destination wedding checklist -

Time of the year
Deciding a date for your wedding in Thailand will completely depend on the city in which you want to get married. The weather of the city matters a lot. Suppose you want to get married in Phuket - May to October is the monsoon season there, so the best time to get married in Phuket will be November to March, as April is generally the hottest month there. Decide the date by looking at the climate conditions of the city you want to tie the knot in.

What kind of ambiance would you like to have on your wedding day. Thailand provides a lot of options to choose from, like an island wedding, a sunset beach wedding, private villa, luxurious ballroom of resort or mountains as a back drop for your ceremony.

Style and Theme
What kind of style would you prefer, a Traditional Indian wedding, a traditonal Thai wedding,Buddhist wedding or a mixture. Select on the theme you want to go with, you can also discuss with your wedding planner for various available theme options.

Wedding Guests
Make a list of guests you want to invite on your dreamy destination wedding. Contact your guests as early as possible, to get an estimate of who will be able to attend. This will help in finding a best suitable venue and to give an estimate to your wedding planner. Arrange for some sort of entertainment for you guests, be it visiting the mall or special Thai spa treatment to them

Thailand provides a variety of unique flowers to create a beautiful atmosphere. Finalising a florist and the kind of flowers you want at your wedding are also an important part of you checklist, though your wedding planner will take care of finalising a florist.

Legal Requirements
If you plan to get legally married in Thailand, then it would take 2-3 days of time to complete the marriage registration process, this involves a certain amount of paperwork and visit to the government office. So it is highly recommended to ask your wedding planner to help with all the legal requirements and process.

Wedding Planner
Planning a destination wedding without a wedding planner can be a stressful affair. Obviously, you don't want to waste your time in finding a right venue and vendors for your wedding. Wedding planner will take care of finalising the best Photographer, DJ, Cake, Florist, Legalities, Guests Hospitality, Entertainment and what not! Just give a call on +91 98103 76668 or write to info@weddingsinthailnd.in and let all your destination wedding worries go away.

Why plan a destination wedding in Thailand ?

Thailand has positioned itself as one of the best wedding destinations over the last decade. Be it Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Krabi, Phuket, almost every city in Thailand is a wedding destination on its own. Each function will be astonishing because of the beauty and one of the kind hospitalities of Thailand, which helps couple to remember the wedding day forever. Here are some of the reasons why you must decide to get married in Thailand -

Best Venues
In India, during the peak wedding season there is always a shortage of best wedding venues, but Thailand provides a range of 100+ five star hotels. You can choose to host your ceremony in a venue that fulfill all your requirements, be it an elegant ballroom, big lawn or poolside.

Frequent flights and VISA on arrival
Yes! You heard it right, you get a visa on arrival, which ensures all your guests to be there on your special day. Also, there are numerous flights to Thailand fitting in the budget and if you book well in advance then you can get good deals too.

Cost Effective
You get the excess to luxury at affordable prices. The rate of hotels in Thailand in very competitive to India, Decor and flowers in Thailand is much cheaper than that available in India. Also, with the reduction of number of guests, you save a lot on catering and larger venues too.

Stunning Beaches
If you fantasize about having a beach wedding, then Thailand is the best place for you! There are stunning and luxurious beach resorts you can choose from. You can also go for a quiet beach, forest hills back end by, which adds more vibes to the wedding ceremonies.

Thailand is best known for its kind hospitality. Thai people are kindest when it comes to providing small freebies and up-gradation of rooms. Also, they are very punctual people who ensures everything goes as per the schedule. It is known as 'Land of Smiles' for a reason.

Guests Entertainment
Wedding in Thailand gives you so many fun things to do, that your guests will take one of best memories of their life with them. You can ask your wedding planner to arrange some adventurous sports for them like scuba or can arrange a visit to the high end hall, Buddhist temples or special Thai spa treatments to your guests as a 'Thank You' gift and the list goes on.

Ready for tying the knot in Thailand ? Start discussing about the best themes and venues today. Give us a call and we will handle the rest. The writer is an expert in organizing events and weddings in Thailand. You may reach him on +91 98103 76668 or email at vineet@innovativeideaz.com

Best Wedding Destinations in Thailand

Thailand's beauty, great hospitality and affordable travel amenities make it a perfect place to tie the knot. Thailand has this amazing climate all year round, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor wedding style. Here are some of the best wedding destinations in Thailand to choose from :

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand provides many 5 star hotels and resorts for couples. You can choose to celebrate your love on the rooftop or by the pool side. Also, there are plenty of venues in Bangkok to fit within your budget. Food is another highlight for Indian weddings at Bangkok, as most of the hotels serve Indian food. City's highlight is mainly the best venues, shopping complex, temples and nightlife.

Phuket is one of the Thailand's premier tourist destination. There are many beaches with luxury accommodations. Also, Phuket has non-stop international flights worldwide, which makes it easier for wedding guests to travel to the island. The isolated feel at the island is just perfect for a romantic wedding ceremony with your close friends and family members.

Hua Hin
Hua Hin has become one of the famous destinations for Indian weddings because of the clean beaches and some natural attractions such as mountains and waterfalls. This city is also famous for its five-star accommodations, catering services and night markets.

Chiang Mai
Thailand is not just about beaches, it has more to offer. The beautiful scenery, culture, tradition and art of the city make it just a perfect place to hold a memorable wedding. This city can provide a mountainous backdrop to a wedding that’s just as impressive as a beach one.

Koh Samui
Koh Samui is truly an incredible place for island wedding. This place has maintained its beauty and charm. If you want to have a secluded and private wedding then there are numerous of beachfront villas available in this city and for those who wish to have luxurious wedding, yacht might suit their lifestyle.

These wedding destinations provide the best services and scenes, Thailand is definitely the most romantic place to get married. You can consider these fabulous locations to make your wedding day 'The Best'. For more details on which location to choose for your wedding, feel free to call the experts – www.weddingsinthailand.in or call : +91 9810376668.

Why go for a destination wedding ?

Destination Wedding is always a great idea for so many reasons. After interviewing some of our clients, we found the following to be the top reasons couples choose a destination wedding over a traditional one.

Cost Effective
Destination weddings are less expensive than traditional weddings. Traveling across the world to get married may sound a little expensive, but when all the factors are considered, it is much more practical than scheduling minute details at the traditional wedding. Couples also get discounts from the resorts when they book a certain number of rooms and arrange their honeymoon at the same venue. There will be fewer people invited to destination wedding, which helps in saving large expenses which otherwise would have to be incurred on excessive amount of food, larger venue and the amount of alcohol consumed.

Hassle Free Experience
It's always a great idea to book your resort through a destination wedding planner, because then you have a whole team of people working to make even a minute detail just perfect. The couple can focus on things that are important to them and let the wedding planner handle the rest. The planner also organize activities for your guests such as shopping, sightseeing, entertainment, etc. Hence, having a destination wedding eliminates a great deal of stress, as the wedding is far away, so only limited number of people can attend and rest all the work is handled by the wedding planner, making the experience more comfortable and pleasant.

Couples always want to stand out from their friends and family and they don't want to have an experience of wedding at a local venue. They want to do something unique to brag about. The wedding guests might have attended a dozen of same weddings, this different and away from home experience will please them a lot. You basically give your guests a gift of vacation, while celebrating your marriage. It will surely beat the box of laddoo as a wedding favor to your guests. Right?

Re-union Opportunity
If we talk about traditional wedding, you are always on a run, to get things done and to greet all the people. In case of destination wedding, you are usually required to arrive a few days early to do all the paperwork, so by the time your wedding day arrives, you have at least 2-3 days to spend it with your friends and family. So tell us, how often you get to spend no rush quality time with your loved ones? This is your chance, grab it !

What are you waiting for? If you want to have a wonderful destination wedding, budget friendly and hassle free experience, then contact us NOW ! We will take care of all your needs and requirements. Write fill up the form in the contact us page or call on +91– 98103 76668.

Why you should consider hiring a wedding planner?

You might be thinking to avoid the extra expense of hiring a wedding planner, but if you consider it in a long run, then the planner might end up saving you a lot of money. Not just the money, it saves a lot of time and stress too. Just tell them what's going on in your mind about your wedding day and they will turn your vision into reality.

Below are some reasons which will help you know that why you must hire a wedding planner to make your wedding the BEST!

Hiring trusted vendors : Hiring vendors you trust is a must! Because obviously you don't want to screw up your day in case the vendors didn't turn up to do the work. Wedding planners have an extensive list of vendors with whom they have worked closely. Planners work as a matchmaker in this case and help you find vendors who are trustable and can match your vision and budget.

Helps in budget and legal contracts : Wedding planners know what is going to be most impactful and arrange everything keeping in mind the budget constraints. Even the small decisions can add up to big savings, which a wedding planner is usually a pro at. The planner will also help you to get you a wedding certificate without any hassle, even if the wedding is outside your home country. They know how to do it right!

Stress Free : A wedding is always a stressful affair, as there are many things that need to be planned and the last minute changes bring in a lot of stress. But the stress can always be transferred to the wedding planner, who will take care of all your needs and requirements. Be it finalising the venue, caterers, dj, entertainment, etc. You name it and the planner will do it all, which keeps you away from all the stress.

Unique Ideas : You don't have to browse with wedding websites, social media sites like Instagram or Pinterest, as the wedding planner know about all the latest trends and have some classic ideas. They will provide you with 'n' number of ideas to meet your vision and make things unique.

Helps you be 100% present on your wedding day : The day is never going to repeat, so why not to enjoy every moment of your wedding day. Just hand over all the responsibilities to the wedding planner and get yourself free from all the work of the wedding. Be 100% present to make the most of it. The wedding planner will take care of everything, all you have to do is ENJOY!

So why not to hire a professional wedding planner, when the planner can help you in all the ways. Just drop a mail at info@weddingsinthailand.in and our expert will get back to you. Mr. Vineet Hans l + 91 98103 76668 l info@weddingsinthailand.in

How to choose a wedding planner ?

It's necessary to go for a wedding planner who has apt knowledge of everything and have some unique ideas to make your wedding different from others and take away all your stress.

Proper Research : The important thing is to do a research on your potential wedding planners by visiting their social media pages and meeting them in person to know about some of the previous grand weddings they have planned and see their capabilities and work ethics. You must also check the reviews of their previous clients on different wedding planning portals where the company has their profile.

Call the planners : After you are done with the research, call the top 3 planners in your list and ask them how much they charge for a wedding of your requirements, what kind of services they offer and are they available on your wedding dates. By comparing them with each other you can finalize 'the one' among all the options you have.

Before meeting : Make a list of things that you want in your wedding. It can be the kind of theme you want, kind of cuisine, venue - indoor/outdoor, something that you saw on Pinterest, something unique in your mind. Discuss this with the planner when you meet and see if he/she can provide you with everything you want and see how he/she works, to analyse if you can cope up with the planner from now to your wedding day.

The Price : The price completely depends on the services your are demanding. If you want the planner to cover A-Z and make sure everything goes as planned, then obviously the price will be a bit higher. But at the end it will be worth all your money, now you don't have to worry about a tiny of thing, as the planner will take care of it. But as per the increase in competition in the market, you can get a planner at a very competitive rate.

Hospitality : Ask them about how they greet the guests and what things can be done to make your guests happy and satisfied. They must provide with one of a kind hospitality and take care of all your logistics requirements.

Now, it's time to close the dealAfter meeting your potential planners, compare them and analyse who is the best. Compare them on the basis of best price, services they offer, availability on your wedding dates and the vision the planner has for your wedding. After finalising the one, call them ASAP to discuss further.

Mr. Vineet Hans l + 91 98103 76668 l www.weddingsinthailand.in

Legal Requirements of getting married in Thailand

For a legal wedding in Thailand it is necessary to visit your countries Embassy in Thailand. There are some documents, a copy of which has to be submitted for getting a marriage registered and usually this process takes 2-3 days of time

The following points can serve as a guideline for you -

Legality of Marriage
Marriages performed and registered in Thailand are internationally recognized and legally binding.

Time consumed
The required paperwork takes around 2-3 working days to complete the registration process and it's necessary for couple to personally visit the Embassy.

Documents Required
The original documents have to be there at the time of registration process. A valid passport and an affidavit of freedom to get married has to be taken from the Embassy. Take the documents to the local district office called the 'Amphur' to register your marriage.

Marriage Certificate
After getting married you will receive two identical official wedding certificates. The certificates will be in Thai language and it is always recommended to obtain a translated certificate for official purpose in your home country before leaving Thailand.

Legal Registration
You will need to get a translator at the registration office who speaks both Thai and English languages, which will helpful in getting the registration done. The legal registration is the binding part of your marriage.

It is strongly advised to consult a wedding planner who is a professional with international weddings, to get you all the right information related to legalities. For more details on the above, do fill up the query form on the contact us page.

How to find the perfect wedding venue ?

Finding a right venue is quite a task, as there are so many options available to choose from and it is one of the biggest decisions for both families. Here’s a guide on what you should consider to find a venue which is under your budget, match your vision, isn’t already booked and convenient to your guests.

Number of Guests : It is very essential to know the guest count before looking for the venue. If you choose a venue which is small for your guests, then you will be in a tough situation and in case the venue is too large, then not just the atmosphere will be dull, but you will incur a heavy expense too. So finalizing a venue which is of right size for your guests is a must.

Budget : While making the list of potential venues, don’t add the venues which is out of your budget, as this will just result in wastage of time and keep in mind that the cost is not just of booking of the venue, add the per plate and decor charges to it as well. Allocate your budget on the basis of the priority of things.

Location : Think about the accessibility of your venue to the guests before finalizing it. If the venue is far away from the place of your guests, then proper accommodation must also be arranged. If most of your guests are travelling by air, try to keep the venue nearby airport, which is easily accessible by road.

What is included : Be very clear on what all things will be provided to you by the venue and do you need to hire vendors on your own for catering, decor, sound-light and setup or the venue management will take care of all. Do a comparison on price of hiring vendors on your own and the services by the venue and then go for the best suited.

Pick a Theme : The selection of venue completely depends on the type of theme you want in your wedding. Decide in advance that where you want to do your ceremonies, indoor or outdoor, traditional or modern. By doing so you narrow down the list of your potential venues and lead to the best suited as per your theme and budget.

Availability : If your wedding date is finalized, then it might take a bit of time to figure out the venues that are available on your dates and match your vision and theme. You can call the venues to discuss about the availability and try to book in advance in this case. But if you are flexible with your dates, then you will find the venue quickly, which can be your dream venue.

Discuss with your planner : Yes ! Discuss with your planner first. They are very familiar with the venues and can suggest you the best venue keeping your budget and number of guests in mind and can bring your vision into reality by figuring out the best venue for you as per your theme

Need more consultancy ? Call us for a dream wedding experience…

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