How to find the perfect wedding venue ?


Finding a right venue is quite a task, as there are so many options available to choose from and it is one of the biggest decisions for both families. Here’s a guide on what you should consider to find a venue which is under your budget, match your vision, isn’t already booked and convenient to your guests.

Number of Guests : It is very essential to know the guest count before looking for the venue. If you choose a venue which is small for your guests, then you will be in a tough situation and in case the venue is too large, then not just the atmosphere will be dull, but you will incur a heavy expense too. So finalizing a venue which is of right size for your guests is a must.

Budget : While making the list of potential venues, don’t add the venues which is out of your budget, as this will just result in wastage of time and keep in mind that the cost is not just of booking of the venue, add the per plate and decor charges to it as well. Allocate your budget on the basis of the priority of things.

Location : Think about the accessibility of your venue to the guests before finalizing it. If the venue is far away from the place of your guests, then proper accommodation must also be arranged. If most of your guests are travelling by air, try to keep the venue nearby airport, which is easily accessible by road.

What is included : Be very clear on what all things will be provided to you by the venue and do you need to hire vendors on your own for catering, decor, sound-light and setup or the venue management will take care of all. Do a comparison on price of hiring vendors on your own and the services by the venue and then go for the best suited.

Pick a Theme : The selection of venue completely depends on the type of theme you want in your wedding. Decide in advance that where you want to do your ceremonies, indoor or outdoor, traditional or modern. By doing so you narrow down the list of your potential venues and lead to the best suited as per your theme and budget.

Availability : If your wedding date is finalized, then it might take a bit of time to figure out the venues that are available on your dates and match your vision and theme. You can call the venues to discuss about the availability and try to book in advance in this case. But if you are flexible with your dates, then you will find the venue quickly, which can be your dream venue.

Discuss with your planner : Yes ! Discuss with your planner first. They are very familiar with the venues and can suggest you the best venue keeping your budget and number of guests in mind and can bring your vision into reality by figuring out the best venue for you as per your theme

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