Legal Requirements of getting married in Thailand


For a legal wedding in Thailand it is necessary to visit your countries Embassy in Thailand. There are some documents, a copy of which has to be submitted for getting a marriage registered and usually this process takes 2-3 days of time

The following points can serve as a guideline for you -

Legality of Marriage
Marriages performed and registered in Thailand are internationally recognized and legally binding.

Time consumed
The required paperwork takes around 2-3 working days to complete the registration process and it's necessary for couple to personally visit the Embassy.

Documents Required
The original documents have to be there at the time of registration process. A valid passport and an affidavit of freedom to get married has to be taken from the Embassy. Take the documents to the local district office called the 'Amphur' to register your marriage.

Marriage Certificate
After getting married you will receive two identical official wedding certificates. The certificates will be in Thai language and it is always recommended to obtain a translated certificate for official purpose in your home country before leaving Thailand.

Legal Registration
You will need to get a translator at the registration office who speaks both Thai and English languages, which will helpful in getting the registration done. The legal registration is the binding part of your marriage.

It is strongly advised to consult a wedding planner who is a professional with international weddings, to get you all the right information related to legalities. For more details on the above, do fill up the query form on the contact us page.