Planning a Wedding in Thailand !!


Thailand has risen as the most favourite location to host an Indian wedding because of many factors, the foremost being the proximity, the economical stay options available, the easy logistics and the weather. When you wish to plan a destination wedding and have an average budget for the same, Thailand comes out to be the best option for having your dream wedding. From beaches to hills, from Indian food to continental cuisines, from beach resorts to 5 star hotels, all are available easily to suit your requirements and budget.

Thailand, also called as the ‘Land of Smiles’ is truly one of the most visited countries by Indians and always been the favourite of many. If you are planning a destination wedding, why can you opt for Thailand and be assured that the country would not let you down at any aspect ?

Location : : If you want an ideal beach wedding for yourself, the country has many locations where you can easily get a resort/ hotel that has a private beach and can host the ceremony exactly on the beach. A few beach location you can consider are : Hua Hin / Pattaya / Rayong / Phuket / Krabi / etc.

Weather : : Thailand experiences tropical weather and enjoys a pleasant weather almost all through the year except the months of May – July when it becomes a bit hotter. But the mornings and evenings are still better and never extreme. July – August are rainy season but you can always organise indoor events at a nice location.

Travel : : Many flights from almost all major cities fly to Thailand everyday. The ease of travel from India makes it more approachable and cheaper to travel. Many direct flights to Bangkok and Phuket, are available at all varied times. Also, the VISA on Arrival is a big reason why people travel mostly to Thailand as its easy and economical.

Stay : : Each city in Thailand has plenty of options of hotels and resorts catering to all tastes and budgets. From many 5 star resorts to budget hotels, you get everything easily available at pretty decent prices. Also, when you book rooms in bulk for your wedding, you obviously can expect a great bargain.

Food : : If you a pure vegetarian, you can get food as per your liking and taste. Many hotels in Thailand do not have Indian chefs and hence it is tough to get Indian food at all times, but these days many hotels / resorts have hired qualified and experienced Indian chefs to cater to Indian groups and hence you can be assured that your guests will enjoy all kind of cuisines with great taste and presentation. From samosa to dosa, from chole bhature to dhokla, from gol gappe to dal makhni,.. you get all arranged for your wedding. You just have to find the right chef team to ensure good quality food. Ask your wedding planner to do that for you. If he/ she is experienced he would be able to arrange a good team to suit your taste and budget.

Logistics : : All other arrangements for the wedding like mehndi wali, make up artists , hair stylist team, pandit ji, photographers , dhol wala’s etc all can be arranged locally and hence saving a huge amount which otherwise would have been spent on travel from India.

Cost : : Each wedding is customized and hence the cost package can be derived only after understanding the number of days / number of functions / number of people / wedding date / category of hotel / food to be served / décor requirements / etc… A lot is discussed before coming to an estimation figure for the entire wedding. With a strong experience for wedding planners like www.weddingsinthailand.in it would be rather easy to give you a figure with just some details. They have done many big weddings in Thailand and are well versed with the entire country. Major cost of the wedding goes into the stay and food arrangement which basically will depend on the season or off-season time in Thailand. Do remember that there are many festivals / Chinese new year / etc that are celebrated in Thailand and hence the hotels are expensive during those days. Other than that, the beach locations enjoy a peak season from Nov to Jan end each year.

If you have a wedding in the family, you may contact the writer and take more info on the above or any other detailing for your upcoming wedding.. Mr. Vineet Hans l + 91 98103 76668 l vineet@innovativeideaz.com