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The Place That Truly Is Amazing.


Thailand's accessibility, its world-class hotels, its mouth-watering cuisines, out-of-the-world shopping destinations, exhilarating entertainment options and ofcourse, its magnificent beauty draws millions of tourists to its land each year. Indians top this list and who visit its lands once always end up returning times again for obvious reasons. Thailand has a lot to offer to the growing number of couples who want to create extraordinary times for them.

You will be spoilt for choices available - pristine beach side weddings to splendid cliff top resorts and historic temples and luxe ballrooms and the most in demand, thai-style traditional opulent tents with ceremonies being performed by Buddhists or for that matter, our own pundits. Think no further to explore the place with our expertise, ensuring you do not miss out on anything.

Why Thailand ?
Experts, Families, Friends, Colleagues - you will hear all telling you how Thailand has been outshining as a favourite wedding destination among we Indians. Bangkok and its nearby beach resorts and islands have been emerging as the best bet for big, fat weddings.

With weddings being two to three times cheaper there than in India, the fear of questioning by tax officials in India about the source of funds after an ostentatious wedding is mainly drawing an increasing number of couples to this southeast Asian nation. More and more Indian couples are now choosing Phuket, the island resort in Thailand's southern part, and Pattaya as a perfect wedding destination.

One of the bestest things about the country is its all year-round suitable weather. Numerous air carriers with plenty of economically and commercially viable flight options make the place easily accessible. A wide variety of natural beauty, rich traditional culture, and friendly people makes this 'land-of-smiles' a perfect destination for any occasion, Smiles that are genuine, welcoming and friendly. So, let the lure of Thailand, the pearlescent sand beaches of Pattaya, Phuket, HuaHin, Krabi or KohSamui where the sun, the wind, the sea and fishes are the guests at the occasion, catch you up too.

To know more on what makes Thailand the best place to tie the knot..read on...

Value for Money
No other destination, not even India, offers you accommodation at such reasonable price as Thailand does. The hotels there are 30-50% cheaper when compared to any other country's hotels in the same category. That said, the best prices are during Thailand's off-peak season (May - Aug), while the highest rates are typically during the cool season (Dec - Feb). However, the quality of hotels, the services being offered is world-class making them the best round the year. Food & beverages are also comparatively cheaper in general and a large variety of cuisines can be arranged for a function. Flights to Bangkok are also not on a higher side as compared to rates of any domestic flights in India. The country offers amazing value for money with its reasonable priced top-of-the-line products. This clearly implies you get more out of every dollar spent in Thailand. Most importantly the local currency 'Bhat' also gives best value to the Indian rupee.

Proximity to India
The transportation by air is very convenient from main cities of India viz. New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Kochi and others to Bangkok. Major airlines like Thai Airways International, Air India, Jet Airways, Indigo etc operate daily flights at different times allowing one to plan their travel as per their suitability. The maximum time flight of a direct carrier from India to Thailand is only about 4.5 hours. Direct flights to Bangkok from New Delhi take just four and a half hours, Kolkata is just two and a half hours away, Chennai a mere two hours flight and Mumbai is just under four hours.

Thai Hospitality
The country is home to polite, courteous and friendly people whose innate sense of humour and sincerity is reflected in the way they genuinely welcome and treat visitors. Thailand's people truly epitomize its 'land of smiles' reputation. Not one or few but all of them are fun-loving people who are easy to get along with. They all are not just the possessors of such traits but much experienced in dealing and interacting with tourists which further makes this place far perfect. The Thai hospitality and service is legendary: friendly, considered and perfect.

Varied Locations
Thailand offers a vast range of stunning locales, both natural and man-made. All of which are perfect for destination weddings. From historical landmarks to contemporary buildings to state-of-the-art ballrooms - a wide range of locations lends themselves as venues for any kind of dream occasion. From a commercial city like Bangkok to a scenic beach side location, you get it all in Thailand.

Wedding Venue and Arrangements
Thailand offers a wide choice of venues, from massive ballrooms that can accommodate over 1,000 guests to small unique venues that lend themselves to intimate celebrations. Whether you desire for a beach-side celebration, a traditional country house nuptial, a stylish city ceremony or a glamorous, exotic palace party; such variety of exotic venues makes it easy to choose one suitable to your tastes and budget.

Thailand is one of the biggest exporters of exotic flowers to Asian countries including India and when you organize your wedding in Thailand, you are bound to get the bestest of the floral d├ęcor for your functions. Also, other arrangements like the horse, sound light setup, ambiance lighting, photographer etc can all be arranged locally to the best of the qualities.