Why go for a destination wedding ?


Destination Wedding is always a great idea for so many reasons. After interviewing some of our clients, we found the following to be the top reasons couples choose a destination wedding over a traditional one.

Cost Effective
Destination weddings are less expensive than traditional weddings. Traveling across the world to get married may sound a little expensive, but when all the factors are considered, it is much more practical than scheduling minute details at the traditional wedding. Couples also get discounts from the resorts when they book a certain number of rooms and arrange their honeymoon at the same venue. There will be fewer people invited to destination wedding, which helps in saving large expenses which otherwise would have to be incurred on excessive amount of food, larger venue and the amount of alcohol consumed.

Hassle Free Experience
It's always a great idea to book your resort through a destination wedding planner, because then you have a whole team of people working to make even a minute detail just perfect. The couple can focus on things that are important to them and let the wedding planner handle the rest. The planner also organize activities for your guests such as shopping, sightseeing, entertainment, etc. Hence, having a destination wedding eliminates a great deal of stress, as the wedding is far away, so only limited number of people can attend and rest all the work is handled by the wedding planner, making the experience more comfortable and pleasant.

Couples always want to stand out from their friends and family and they don't want to have an experience of wedding at a local venue. They want to do something unique to brag about. The wedding guests might have attended a dozen of same weddings, this different and away from home experience will please them a lot. You basically give your guests a gift of vacation, while celebrating your marriage. It will surely beat the box of laddoo as a wedding favor to your guests. Right?

Re-union Opportunity
If we talk about traditional wedding, you are always on a run, to get things done and to greet all the people. In case of destination wedding, you are usually required to arrive a few days early to do all the paperwork, so by the time your wedding day arrives, you have at least 2-3 days to spend it with your friends and family. So tell us, how often you get to spend no rush quality time with your loved ones? This is your chance, grab it !

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